Mount Kailash - pictures of Himalayan yatra through India

Read kailAsha yAtra via India for details.

Himalaya and river Sarayu View of Darchula and Sarayu from top
The falls of devotion from the two eyes of devotee ? The fierce kAli
Wafer thin falls - like the mind of shiva sharaNas Do you see the dance of God in this beauty ?
High cliff view from gunji The zone of nabhidAng
Village of taklakot on the banks of river kaNDaki The Blue and Big Rakshastal
tar po che - The vally of God However small I am near the great kailAsh !
God's vision doesn't get obscured by the clouds - Western face of kailAsh The Majasty - North face of Kailash
The holy gaurikuND

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