mahimnaH paaraM te paramavidushho yadyasadR^ishii
stutirbrahmaadiinaamapi tadavasannaa stvayi giraH |
athaa.avaachyaH sarvaH svamatipariNaamaavadhi gR^iNan.h
mamaapyeshha stotre hara nirapavaadaH parikaraH ||
Oh hara! If one should praise only after knowing completely about the greatness of thee, then even for brahmA it will be impossible. But if one can praise according to his ability, then accept this work faultless.

To that Supreme, Lord of creatures, who is attributeless but appears in many forms for the betterment of creatures, salutations. Let Him be pleased with this offering out of His mercy not considering the flaws. shivAya namaH

The intention of this site is to provide some information on shaivism, while acknowledging the fact that the complete information about shaivism and sanAthana dharma is difficult to provide. Though this is a shaiva sidhdhantha site, it will also hold information on the other great principles like vIrashaivam, kAshmIra shaivam and others related to shaivism and sanAthana dharma. But at present most of the materials contained are related to shaiva sidhdhantha. Your help to make it a more broad based shaivism related site will be greatly appreciated.

Though many of the hymns found in this site are in tamiz or saMskR^itam, translation of the hymns are provided wherever found necessary. So language should not be a constraint. Effort has been taken to present the words in English, but when it was difficult or not convenient to do so, it is present in its original language form. Effort is taken to present words in the transliterated form of the original language. But some times the schemes get mixed up (many places tamiz and saMskR^itam schemes mix up). Some of the pages are not following the transliteration scheme perfectly. Sorry for those discrepancies. Hopefully they will not cause much trouble. Also there may be a lot of spelling as well as grammar mistakes. Please bear with them.

The term he or its derivatives are used in most of the places for simplicity. In most of the places where it does not refer to any specific individual, it is intended to denote both sexes.

It is tried to give all the information in true form and without errors. But still it may not be free from flaws. Please communicate any fault that is found (including not working links). By that way you are allowing this site to pass correct information to interested people. If any of the material causes defamation of any of the great saints, out of whose efforts and sacrifices we reap the reward of having devotion to the Lord, let that great sin be forgiven by the Lord who is the form of Love.

It is fascinating and important to learn about the Truth as well as to share the knowledge thus got with others. Please share your knowledge. Your contribution to add more information here is welcome.

Please send your comments of appreciation or criticism to in order to make this site serve better. Thank you for your constructive comments.

asita giri samaM syAt.h kajjalaM sindhu pAtre
sura taruvara shAkhA lekhanI patramurvI |
likhati yadi gR^ihItvaa shAradA sarvakAlaM
tadapi tava guNAnAmIsha pAraM na yAti ||

O, great master! Even, if one were to assume that the blue mountain , the ocean, the heavenly tree and the earth are the ink,the ink-pot, the pen and the paper respectively and the goddess of learning (Saraswati) herself is the writer, she will not be able to reach the frontiers of your greatness, however long she were to write!
Salutations to that God who is easily pleased.

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