thirumuRai - the medicine to sufferings

The Lord shiva who gives even Itself for the one who completelysurrenders to It and serves selflessly, takes care of such a devotee in allthe ups and downs of the life leading the devotee to the liberation. Thatcould be the ultimate boon. Still people look for some helping hand whenthey are in some deep trouble. Many get mislead also going behind miracleperformers and get cheated many times. The result is more pain than thetransient well being they get.

The shaivite saints have sung the holy hymns - thirumuRai ina great spiritual wisdom and seeking only the Truth. The splendid powerfulwords ( ma.ntram) and the unadultrated devotion on Lord shiva beingthe base these hymns give the great cure for many of the life sufferings.Instead of looking for unreliable sources for betterment one should seek thethirumuRai path which apart from giving the benefit would slowly lead one toto be set in the path towards the Almighty. Whether we want the benefitsspecified or not these are very beautiful hymns. Here are some of them. Letsus sing these to get the blessings of the Three eyed Lord.

Hymns that Heal
padhikam Romanized Text Tamil PDF
To lead a prosperous life. panychAkkarath thiruppadhikam PDF (47 K)
For betterment of financial condition and to get rid of poverty. thiruvAvaduthuRai PDF (45 K)
To get food and cloth without problem. pukalUrp padhikam PDF (49 K)
For cure/betterment of left eye. kacci Ekambam PDF (46 K)
For cure/betterment of right eye. ArUr PDF (51 K)
To become a good orator (for the betterment of speech and spoken skills, cure for stammaring). thiruchchAzal PDF (50 K)
For the pleasent prosperous life of the family (also to bless people in auspicious occasions). kazumalap padhikam PDF (41 K)
To be proficient in education. thirukkaruppaRiyalUr PDF (44 K)
Cure from heavy cold-fever, viral fevers, protection from evil deeds and betterment of younger brother. thirun^IlakaNdap padhikam PDF (47 K)
cure for poison, snake bite etc. vidan^thIrththa padhikam PDF (41 K)
For the betterment of mother's health, for the smooth delivery of child, improvement of relationship and smoothly building house. thiruchhcirAppaLLi PDF (48 K)
For getting blessed with children, to be strong in arguments, to get a clear wisdom/ in philophies. thiruveNkADu PDF (48 K)
(Glory of Holy Ash) Cure from heat related diseases. thirun^IRRup padhikam PDF (45 K)
To get rid of the disturbances from the enemies, to end sooner the imprisonment. thiruvAlavAy - 5 PDF (39 K)
For getting peace relieved from debts, to lead a self sufficient life without debts. thiruvAlavAy - 7 PDF (44 K)
Cure for Blood pressure, Diabetes, Coma, drug addiction. thirup pAchchiLAchchirAmam PDF (49 K)
Cure from stomach pain and related problems (hepatitis etc). thiruvadhikai PDF (51 K)
For cure from bone fracture, poliomyelitis, paralysis. thirumAgaRal PDF (54 K)
To avoid postponement of marriage due to sarpa dosham. thirumarugal PDF (44 K)
For sooner marriage, when there are hurdles on the way. thiruvEdhikuDi PDF (50 K)
For good conjugal relationship and coherence between married couples. thirumaNanychEri PDF (45 K)
To remove the bad effects of the planetary motion. kOLaRu thiruppadhikam PDF (46 K)
To reduce the effects of the motion of the planet saturn (shani). thirun^aLLARu PDF (44 K)
For removal of hurdles and relief from false allegations. thirun^eDuN^kalam PDF (47 K)
For getting back the lost money/wealth. mudhukunRam PDF (47 K)
For getting the fruit of reciting all the hymns of thirunyAnachambandhar, betterment of parent's health, not loosing the opertunities, getting puNya. thiruezukURRirukkai PDF (47 K)
To get rid of troubles of unemployment, get fame, advance in the worship and spirituality. thirup pAchuram PDF (49 K)
For sustainment/ confirmation of the profession. mayilAppUr PDF (43 K)
For the betterment of brothers/sisters and the better self confidence. thiruvIzi mizalai PDF (37 K)
For peaceful food and sleep, for avoiding rebirth, improvement in the worship and spirituality. namachchivAya thiruppadhikam PDF (43 K)

Important hymns to know
padhikam in Romanized Text Tamil PDF
chiva purANam - mANikka vAchakar (With explanation in thamiz) PDF (54 K)
thirup pAchuram - thirunyAna champan^dhar PDF (49 K)
namachchivAya thiruppadhikam - thirunyAna champan^dhar PDF (43 K)
namachchivAya thiruppadhikam - appar PDF (43 K)
namachchivAya thiruppadhikam - chun^dharar PDF (45 K)
panychAkkarath thiruppadhikam - thirunyAna champan^dhar PDF (47 K)
thiruth thoNDaththokai - sundharar with Tamil Gif
thiruvempAvai - mANikka vAchakar (with explanation in English) PDF (109 K)
thiruppaLLiezuchchi - mANikka vAchakar (with explanation in English) PDF (82 K)

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