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For the development of this site and for the benefit of a lot of people on the web, please participate in entering holy Saiva texts. The source can be any language. The transliterated texts are preferred in ITRANS format, but not a must. If you have your own site and put your work there, we can have links to each others page. Otherwise enter them and mail it. We will find place for them in the web. Here is a wish list of documents to be entered. This is a very primitive list. You can send a mail what all spiritual text you would like to see in this page at To avoid duplication of effort please inform about the document you are preparing immediately.
Documents already available:
1. Thirumandhiram (Courtesy Swami Turiyananda)
2. Thiruvasagam (Courtesy Dr. Kalyansundaram)
3. ThirukkOvaiyAr
4. shivanyAnabOdham
5. Many Sanskrit shlokas

Documents to be prepared:
1.  The remaining in panniru thirumurai 
2.  13 of the 14 Shaiva Sidhdhantha Texts - sandhAna nUlkaL 
3.  kandha purAnam
4.  thiruviLaiyAdal purAnam
5.  thirukkuRRAlak kuRavanychi
6.  thiruvarutpA
7.  thAyumAnvar pAdalkaL
8.  muththuth thANdavar pAdalkal
9.  pattinaththAr pAdalkaL
10.  auvaiyAr pAdalkaL

1.  The complete vachana sAhithyA.

1.  28 ShivAgamas
2.  pratyAbinyA hrdayam and other scriptures of Kashmiri Saivism
2.  Works of SankarAcharyA

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