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The most respected shaivite scriptures in thamiz the thirumuRais(1), were composed almost in the first millenium developed the in the thamiz people the spiritual nourishment. Based on these holy texts and developed on the fertility they made in the thought process gave rise to many philosophers dwelving in the highly complex question of the Supreme, soul and surroundings and their inter-relationship. Among them four are quite significant and are referred to as san^dhAnak kuravargaL. The texts which are explanatory/commentory texts of shiava sidhdhantha, that were written in this period of 12th to 14th century are called san^thAna n^ulgal or meykaNda n^UlgaL. While the rest of the thirumuRais are singing the glory of Lord shiva, the nineth thirumuRai thirumanthiram(2) is the one that deals in detail about the philosophy and yoga. These san^thAna texts are absolutely dedicated for philosophical discussions. These texts analyse the various factors, logics and experiances, refute and support the various philosophies on the ground of raising and answering questions. These are excellent food for thought and are Shaiva sidhdhanthic philosophical tutorials. May the Nameless, Formless Supreme pashupati, Which transcedes everything bless us, the seekers !!

Text Author
thiruvun^dhiyAr thiruviyalUr uyya van^dha dhEva n^AyanAr
thirukkaLiRRup padiyAr thirukkadavUr uyya van^dha dhEvar
chiva nyAna bodham (Tamil PDF), With explanation meykaNda sivam
chivanyAna chiththiyAr aruNandi chivAchchAriyAr
irupA irupaqthu
chivap pirakAcham (Tamil PDF) umApati shivAchchAriyAr
thiruvarut payan
vinA veNpA (Tamil PDF)
pORRip paqRodai (Tamil PDF)
kodikkavi (Tamil PDF)
n^enychuvidu thUdhu (Tamil PDF)
uNmai n^eRi viLakkam (Tamil PDF)
chaN^kaRpa n^irAkaraNam (Tamil PDF)
uNmai viLakkam manavAchakaN^ kadan^dhAr
In the above the PDFs of shiva prakAsam, vinAveNpA, koDikkavi, nenychuviDu thUdhu, uNmaineRi viLakkam, pORRip paqRoDai, sangaRpa nirAkaraNam are courtesy of Dr. Kalyan, Project Madurai.


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