vIrasaiva panchAchAryaru

panchAchAryas are regarded as the sthApanAchAryAs of vIrashaivism. They established Ashrams at five locations in India and spread the vIrashaiva philosophy. They are said to be associated with the five faces of Lord shiva. They are the initiators of the five gotras to which the vIrashaiva's associate themselves.

rEvaNArAdhyaru (rENukAchArya)

Sage rEvaNArAdhya is also known as rENukAchArya and rEvaNa siddha. Tradition accounts that he taught sage agasthya ShaDsthaLa, 101 sthaLa of siddhantha shikAmaNi. He also guided vibhIShaNa to install 30 million shiva lingas in reverance to his brother rAvaNa. He is associated with the sOmEshvara linga at kollipAki. He established mutt at rambApuri.

maruLArAdhyaru (maruLa-siddha)

Sage marula sidhdha is the other name maruLArAdhya. He is associated with the siddhEshvara linga of vaTakshEtra. He established a monastery at ujjain.


Sage EkOrAma is said to have written commentary of brahma sUtra. He is associated with the mallikArjuna linga of sudhA kuNDa. He established a monastary at shrI shaila.


Sage paNDitArAdhya is associated with rAmanAtha linga of drAkshArAma. He esstablished matha at kEdAr.


Sage vishvArAdhya is associated with the vishvEshvara linga os vAranAsi. He established monastary there.

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