Vachana Series

This section contains selected songs from the vachanas of shiva sharaNaru. Each link has one song as it is reproduced from the vachana followed by Meaning in English and and additional notes section again in English. These are part of the Vachana Series posted in some of the Hinduism / Kannada mailing lists.

  1. You are ruling me, but I am enjoying You - basavaNNa.
  2. Best decoration for the face of the devotee - basavaNNa.
  3. How to stop the bad things and make world a better place ? - basavaNNa.
  4. Don't be a seperatist - basavaNNa.
  5. What is devotion ? - basavaNNa.
  6. My Dignity & Disrespect is all Yours ! - basavaNNa.
  7. Can anyone become a great saint ? - basavaNNa.
  8. Worried about the sins piled up ? - basavaNNa.
  9. Give me Focus - basavaNNa.
  10. Your Devotee showed You to me - akka mahAdevi.
  11. The Wedding with God - akka mahAdevi.
  12. Don't postpone the grace - akka mahAdevi.
  13. Association of those lost in life-cycle - akka mahAdevi.
  14. Wisdom is to nurture oneself not to act bloated - akka mahAdevi.
  15. What else you want ? - akka mahAdevi.
  16. Who is more rewarded than me ! - akka mahAdevi.
  17. Hold on to Holy Ash as the quick and reliable wealth - akka mahAdevi.

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